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There are a wealth of really great Magento videos out there which will really help to teach you how to do certain things with regards to getting Magento working. We have provided links to all of them here and we hope you find them useful!

Magento Admin System
A good video which gives you a rundown of the features available within the Magento Administration panel – shows you every part of the back end – the area which powers the look, feel, and functionality of your web-site!

Single Page Checkout (As Logged In Customer)
Short video which gives you a run down of the One Page Checkout on Magento – shows you how easy it is for a customer to buy from your website. You’ll benefit from a decreased drop-off rate, and higher conversion…

Display Products on Magento Home Page
Displaying products on the Magento home page, when you first play around with the software, can actually be a bit confusing! However this quick video shows you exactly what you need to do in order to get it all working!

Show custom static block on Magento home page
You’ll probably be looking to do with your Magento web-site is to make your home page your own with some unique elements. These elements are called “Static Blocks” – and adding these is actually much easier than it looks at first.!

Google Base Integration of Magnto Products
If you’ve ever wanted to integrate your Magento products into Google Base, it now couldn’t be easier. This will help directly promote your products, plus, Base results have an extremely high conversion rate due to the fact that the total price of an item is conveyed at the point of searching.

Product Upsells/Related Items on Product Page
With Magento you have the ability to cross-promote other items on a product page which you would like to upsell to the customer. Applying upsells is easy, and the beauty of it is, it can be done with just a few clicks.

Import/Export Data with Profiles
Magento makes it easy to import or export your products, customers, attributes, make price changes… whatever you like. If you are leaving an existing E-Commerce platform such as Zen Cart, you will definitely be using this area to import your products.

Disable Cache Management during site development
Magento has some excellent cache management, so much so it’ll probably hinder you during the site development, as you’ll want to switch cahcing off. Our video guide shows you exactly how!

Turn On Template path Hints
When you first encounter Magento, you might not know which files to edit – the templated hierarchy in Magento is, although methodical, is difficult to understand. Turning on Template Path Hints in Admin will help you achieve this!

Product Tags on Magento Product Page
Product tags on Magento provide an ideal way for your registered customers to tag a product – ideal to make it easier for them to find, and similarly, it’ll give you an insight into other phrases by which your products are being referred…

Single Page Checkout (As Guest) – Video Guide
This video demonstrates the process where that users go through on the one-page checkout of Magento. Checking out as a Guest means that users do not have to enter a password/create and account.

Magento Search – Video Guide
With Magento, the search is extremely powerful and customisable. Often overlooked by web developers, it is one of the most common elements used on an E-Commerce website, therefore it is important for you to know how to use it!

Product Page Ratings & Reviews – Video Guide
The Ratings and Reviews system is viewable from the Product Page and also from section categories, and enable the consumer to have a quick look at what fellow customers have thought of the product – ideal for increasing conversion!

Add to Compare/Product Comparison – Video Guide
The Magento Product Comparison feature is an ideal addition to the E-Commerce software, as it enables users to view the attributes of two or more products side by side. Not only does this help them make informed choices, but also it looks pretty neat too! This video explains all…

Creating Magento Landing Pages
Your Landing Page is the most important part of your website – it is the page your prospective customers see first, and having it designed well is essential – as you’ll want to make sure that you lessen your bounce rate…

More videos being uploaded soon… stay tuned!


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