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  New - Magento Questions and Answers
We link direct to the Magento community, and we garner all the constant issues and problems that people have with Magento, and we are able to link directly to the people who have got the answers. Therefore, if you've got an issue, chances are it may well be listed on our Q&A pages!


  Admin Panel
The Magento Admin system is the place where you manage your one or more web stores. Although it looks incredible, it is not without its faults - therefore we've got a number of subjects which you may find handy, ranging from adding functions to deleting test orders

Where Magento out-performs other E-Commerce platforms is the one-page checkout. It increases conversion, makes the drop-off rate diminish - and ensures that your leads turn into sales! We've compiled a number of handy articles about the checkout, including news of payment gateways etc - and we hope that you'll find these useful.

  Helpful Tools
Magento is a powerful platform, but there are several free or low-priced tools on the internet which can be downlaoded in order to save time and enhance your understanding of Magento. We've provided a list of them below, and we hope you'll find them incredibly useful!

  Home Page of Magento
If you're not entirely sure whatto do with your home page, or even how to design it - you may find this section useful, as it provides details on placing bestselling products on your home page, as well as static blocks, and much much more...

  Hosting Magento
If you're looking at which companies are the best for hosting Magento, look no further. We have blogged about a number of reliable and speedy web-hosting companies - all of which support and actively promote Magento. If you're looking for something in particular, just use our search on the right...

  Installing Magento
Magento is not the easiest thing in the world to install! Some people opt to go with pre-installed specialists like Simple Helix, however others try to install in themselves. If you encounter any problems along the way, this section may be able to help!

  News about Magento
We've brought together a number of useful news snippets from Magento themselves which you might be interested to know. However, we don't just echo the press releases, we comment on them! Check out the latest from Varien, and find out info about new releases and plugins right here!

  Product Page
The most important part of your Magento site is the Prodct Page! It's all very well having a beautiful website, but if your product page is not up to scratch, you might as well not bother! This page collates articles regarding specific design features and cheeky tips for your product page - ensuring that you get making conversion.

  Progress of Sam Davis
Well I've been working with Magento since April 2008 - but despite this longevity, there's still so much to learn! However, every so often I'll blog about how my progress is coming along with this very new and innovative E-Commerce platform! Watch this space...

  Shopping Cart
That dreaded page between where people select a product and then actually pay for it! It is important this page is designed to encourage minimal drop-offs - so let our handy guides answer some of your questions.

  Site Speed
One of the common issues regarding Magento seems to be the speed of it. Magento is incredibly resource intensive, however, despite this, there are several things that can be done in order to make your site purr! Our writers update this section regularly...

  Themes for Magento
One of the most popular search topics regarding Magento is "themes" - everyone wants their own unique look for their web store. That's where we come in. We've got links to all sorts of theme sites out there, where you can buy (or download for free) good looking Magento themes, which are a doddle to install!

Errors, we all love them! Fortunately for many of them, Blasted Thing has got a number of handy articles which will hopefully felp you resolve any issues within minutes! Check back regularly as we're populating this section all the time!

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