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The Magento Admin system is the place where you manage your one or more web stores. Although it looks incredible, it is not without its faults – therefore we’ve got a number of subjects which you may find handy, ranging from adding functions to deleting test orders.

  Product Tags on Product Page – Video Guide
Product tags on Magento provide an ideal way for your registered customers to tag a product –…
January 21, 2009
  Template Path Hints – Video Guide
One thing I always got stuck with when I started doing Magento sites was that I didn’t…
January 20, 2009
  Disable Cache While Developing Your Site – Video Guide
Magento has some excellent cache management, so much so it’ll probably hinder you during the site development,…
January 20, 2009
  Import/Export Data with Profiles – Video Guide
Magento makes it easy to import or export your products, customers, attributes, make price changes… whatever you…
January 18, 2009
  Google Base Integration – Video Guide
If you’ve ever wanted to integrate your Magento products into Google Base, it now couldn’t be easier.…
January 18, 2009
  Image Upload Failure on Magento Product Page
We’ve have been informed of a problem in the Magento back-end, whereby users’ are having problems trying…
January 14, 2009
  Export List of Magento Orders in CSV Format
It’s just over eight months since Magento came on the scene, and although it has improved in…
January 7, 2009
  Magento Admin System – Video Guide
A look into the Magento Administration interface – here, we take a look into the back end…
December 13, 2008
  Setting Catalog Prices Rules in Magento
The beauty of Magento, when compared to many E-Commerce solutions, including archaic software such as Actinic, is…
December 2, 2008
  Cannot Upload Images in on Magento Product Page
The other day I was at work, and one of our members of staff has issues with…
November 27, 2008

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