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Cannot Upload Images in on Magento Product Page

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The other day I was at work, and one of our members of staff has issues with uploading images for a product within the admin system on Magento – it simply didn’t work. She clicked the Upload button, and nothing happened. I then tested the same thing on my computer, and it worked absolutely fine – the Browse files window appeared, and I was able to select my file and it uploaded fine.

I tried multiple browsers, different versions, but the same thing always occured on her computer. When I checked Firefox’s error console (and also by clicking the Error status box in IE) it gave me an error entitled “Error #2176″.

The image upload solution for products on Magento uses Flash, and unfortunately this error seems to occur on Flash version 10. If you downgrade to version 9, you should see the end of this error. It looks like Varien have realised this as a bug, and if you upgrade to Magento 1.1.7 or 1.1.8 – this should sot the problem out for you.

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about the author

    This article was written by Sam Davis on November 27, 2008.
    Computing over a glass of Grenache Shiraz... again!
    Sam is the Editor of Blasted Thing. Contact Us

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