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If you’re not entirely sure whatto do with your home page, or even how to design it – you may find this section useful, as it provides details on placing bestselling products on your home page, as well as static blocks, and much much more…

  Creating Magento Landing Pages – Video Guide
Your Landing Page is the most important part of your website – it is the page your…
April 13, 2009
  Order Products by SKU on the Category or Home Page
Someone wrote in recently with regards to wanting to have the products on the category page ordered…
January 14, 2009
  Display Custom Static Text Block on Home Page – Video Guide
One of the first things you’ll probably be looking to do with your Magento web-site is to…
December 14, 2008
  Display Products on Magento Home Page – Video Guide
Ever wanted to know how to put the products from your Magento store on the home page…
December 14, 2008

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