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Magento on Your Cell Phone!

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Well, we call them mobile phones in the UK, but you get the idea…

For an open-source project that began in January 2007, the rate at which people are working on Magento is incredible.  This is why I love open-source stuff – people are creating new plugins and modules all the time, helping to create what has already becoming the best E-Commerce platform around.

In recent years, many internet experts have continued to express the fact that developing sites for use on mobile phones should be at the back of every web designers mind from the very outset of a project.  I actually completed my very first secure online transaction over a phone the other day, and the ease of doing this was incredible.  However, it was only made possible by the fact that the company which I used had a dedicated “mobile phone friendly” site.

Over the past few months, a team of developers had been given the job of creating a Magento theme which is specific to the new generation of mobile phones, which include the iPhone, Nokia 95, LG Viewty etc.  The theme is very simple and maintains the “Magento look”, but it is so streamlined and easy to use.  I’ve attached a video demonstration here….

Now you’ve got to admit, that looks good and it looks easy to use. Part of me still thinks this kind of thing won’t convince that many surfers to “switch” to carrying out transactions over their phones, however they are certainly moving in the right direction. Simialrly, it demonstrates the commitment of the Magento community – as this theme is now publicly and freely available on Magento Connect. There are also other recent plugins which integrate Joomla and WordPress into your web-site, making it incredibly easy to add blog articles to your site – which is great for Google, which in turn, will be great for you!

Moving on a step… I still cannot wait for the introduction of mobile phone barcode scanning services over here. I think if I saw an ad in a magazine, and then wanted to buy it, it’d be great to scan in the little barcode in the corner of the page with my phone, securely transfer the money over via my phone bill, and then hey presto, my product arrives the next day. It’ll be here soon…..

IPhone on Magento

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    This article was written by Sam Davis on June 25, 2008.
    Computing over a glass of Grenache Shiraz... again!
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