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We’re Now on Twitter – Follow Our Updates…

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Blasted Thing has recently joined Twitter, which means that you can follow our activities via your mobile or the web. In a nutshell, Twitter does the job of the status tool that you get on Facebook that informs you what your friends are doing.

Numerous websites, including this one, have developed a plugin whereby every time we write a blog post, Twitter will update my followers that there is a new article on Blasted Thing. Twitter calls it micro-blogging – whereas we simply regards it as making Blasted Thing more accessible via as many different mediums as possible!

Sam Davis from Blasted Thing said: “As soon as I, or any of the writers on Blasted Thing upload an article, we instantly ping a number of services informing them that we’ve got new content, and Twitter is a great addition to that – not least because the people who are following us have some interest on what we write about!”

Some people however argue that there is little point to Twitter. Sam however, thinks differently: “You can Twitter from your mobile, you can get Twitters of the people you are “following” on to your mobile, it is a fantastic way of reporting from a live event (the Mage Camp London in April will be a great example), you can also aggregate the events of people you are following into a single RSS Feed…”.

So, Blasted Thing is on Twitter at– come and join us!

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about the author

    This article was written by Sam Davis on March 10, 2009.
    Computing over a glass of Grenache Shiraz... again!
    Sam is the Editor of Blasted Thing. Contact Us

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