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The most important part of your Magento site is the Prodct Page! It’s all very well having a beautiful website, but if your product page is not up to scratch, you might as well not bother! This page collates articles regarding specific design features and cheeky tips for your product page – ensuring that you get making conversion.

  Product Comparison – Video Guide
The Magento Product Comparison feature is an ideal addition to the E-Commerce software, as it enables users…
February 26, 2009
  Product Page Ratings & Reviews – Video Guide
Below is a video guide of how to use Magento’s built in Ratings and Reviews system. These…
February 10, 2009
  Search on Magento – Video Guide
With Magento, the search is extremely powerful and customisable. Often overlooked by web developers, it is one…
February 4, 2009
  Upselling Other Items on the Product Page – Video Guide
With Magento you have the ability to cross-promote other items on a product page which you would…
January 18, 2009
  Two Prices on Product Page Which Has an Option
I was contacted last week by someone who was having a problem, whereby if they had an…
December 4, 2008
  Remove “English” From Page Title on Magento Product Page
I noticed that a common feature of all out-of-the-box Magento sites, is that the “Default Store View”…
November 20, 2008
  Change Default Quantity on Magento Product Page
I find it a tad annoying how on Magento, you’ve got this empty quantity box next to…
November 20, 2008
  Remove Product Tags from Magento Product Page
I can’t actually see the point in Magento’s Product Tags module.  It is solely for customers to…
November 5, 2008

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