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Use a Coupon Code for Specific Products or Categories in Magento

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So, your web-site sells all sorts of home furniture, and you have a Christmas section.  It is two weeks until Christmas Day, and you realise you’ve got quite a lot of seasonal stock that you need to shift – as you don’t want to be left with a warehouse full of Christmas Trees, Christmas Wreaths and Garlands do you?

Well, offering discounts on those products is probably an idea, and why not do it via a coupon code – that way, you can send a lovely email out to all your customers informing them that if they type in XMAS15 on your checkout, they’ll get a whopping 15% off their order.

With some E-Commerce platforms you might have a few problems with trying to offer money off for specific products or categories – however, with Magento, thankfully this is childs play – and it only takes a couple of seconds to set up.

In your Magento Admin system, simply click on Promotions, and then click on Shopping Cart Price Rules – and then click Add New Rule.

On the left you’ll see three tabs, in the uppermost one you’ll have to name your Price Rule, choose which website it will be activated on and what customers will see it, and also name the actual coupon code itself.

It is then the followed tab (entitled “Conditions”) which is the important one, as this area specifies which products/categories will be available for the promotion.  So, click the little green plus, and then select “Product Attribute Combination” – this will create a rule which says “[Do this] If an item is found in the cart with all of these conditions true”…

On this occasion we want to select products from certain categories, so click the green plus again and select “Categories”.  Then you can select which of the categories that you’ll like to be enabled – simply click the drop down box and save it.

At this point your rule will say “Category IS 167, 168, 171, 174, etc”.  You’ll need to click on the “IS” and change it to “IS ONE OF”.

Subsequently, as long as you save it all and apply the rules, you have now successfully made sure that certain products within your store are now available at 15% off.  Furthermore, you can do these reductions based on a plethora of rules including SKU, Colour, Price, nearly any attribute you can think of.  You could have a “Blue Monday” if you wanted, offering money off on every product that is blue – that is how random and deep you can go with this amazing piece of E-Commerce software!


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about the author

    This article was written by Sam Davis on December 9, 2008.
    Computing over a glass of Grenache Shiraz... again!
    Sam is the Editor of Blasted Thing. Contact Us

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