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Speed Up Your Magento Site by Caching Images

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Been reading today about a useful Magento Extension called “Fooman Speedster” – which is a plugin available through Magento, which helps to speed up your store by combining, compressing and caching JS and CSS. It reworks by changign the way Magento handles the loading of JavaScript and CSS.

The benefits of the plug are four-fold. Firstly, Javascript AND CSS are combined into one file each. Secondly, compression occurs without the need for GZip support on your server. Thirdly, the plugin introduces something that it calls “Automatic Versioning” – this basically means that every time you update one of your JS/CSS files, a new url gets created forcing the customer’s browser to request the new version. Finally, it ensures that CSS images are properly served no matter what package/interface/skin you are using.

All might sound like gumph to you, but I’ve been playing about with it, and it seriously does affect your web site speed and performance. In some cases the size of files being downloaded is sometimes halved, and also the number of separate HTTP requests in brought down.

Twinning these factors will mean that you site should load much faster when requested. I recommend you check out the tool, and I’d be interesed to know your progress with it. Maybe use a Ping tester to do Before and After tests, and feel free to post your findings here!

Fooman Speedster Magento Plugin

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    This article was written by Sam Davis on November 28, 2008.
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